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Cultural Heritage Consulting Services

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Cultural arts and heritage tourism is a proven economic stimulus that creates jobs and direct economic benefits to locals. Cultural heritage communities promote conservation of historic resources and can incubate small businesses, revitalize commercial districts, generate local jobs and foster positive change in a community. The social benefits are many, yet long-term retention of the benefits require deliberate planning.

The Cultural Heritage Alliance for Tourism, Inc.  (CHAT) was created to mobilize and organize key stakeholders required to support and participate in the deliberate planning required within South Florida’s heritage neighborhoods and multicultural communities to help position small businesses, local attractions and artists to fully participate in Florida’s tourism ecosystem.

The vision for the Cultural Heritage Alliance for Tourism, Inc. is to become a model, replicable initiative for increasing tourism readiness, tourism inclusion and engagement for cultural and heritage community assets throughout the State of Florida and other states. 

CHAT seeks to partner with CVBs, tourism councils, cultural and heritage tourism organizations, city and county cultural and economic agencies to enhance the business and tourism capacity of small businesses and attractions in their local communities. CHAT offers the following tourism consulting services that promote cultural heritage tourism as an economic driver:

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