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On March 2, 2017, CHAT's President Stephanie M. Jones attended Governor Rick Scott's Tourism Roundtable in Miami-Dade County at LaCarreta restaurant.  Jones stood behind the panel of influential speakers to champion for Cultural and Heritage Tourism and the small businesses and attractions that will be impacted should Visit Florida become defunded. #CulturalHeritageTourismMatters and it's always the people with a lower socioeconomic status that are most impacted by budget cuts. Our voices matter and CHAT encourages our alliance members and partners to step up, speak up and stand up to protect tourism jobs and tourism marketing for small businesses and attractions.

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On March 14, 2017, CHAT's President Stephanie M. Jones joined 600 other tourism professionals in Tallahassee to rally and lobby on behalf of Visit Florida under the gun to be defunded by Bill HB 9 which passed in the Florida House of Representatives last week. Jones was instrumental to the Miami delegation in educating legislators about the impact Visit Florida has on marketing local businesses and attractions in our cultural and heritage communities.  Help save Visit Florida and tourism jobs. Learn more at or

Pictured in photo: (L-R) Jones, Ken Lawson, CEO of Visit Florida & Hospitality & Tourism Consultant DeAnne Connolly Graham